Calm Baby Bundle


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100 Ways to Calm the Crying by Pinky McKay (RRP $24.95)
Carton of 10 Boobie Bikkies (RRP $24.95)
Pinky McKay's Baby Massage DVD (RRP $24.95)

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What would be a more welcome gift for a new mama than a calm, contented baby?

100 Ways to Calm the Crying – this best selling book by Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Pinky McKay, will help you understand why your baby cries and offers gentle practical strategies to soothe and settle your baby.

Pinky’s Baby Massage DVD – Baby massage is a simple parenting tool that can help you understand your baby’s body language so that you can respond to his cues without as much ‘guessing’, it will help your baby feel calm and relaxed so he will cry less and sleep better and specific massage techniques may help relieve your baby's tummy pains, colic and constipation without resorting to medication.

Learn how to massage your baby, right NOW, in your own home with this beautiful DVD as Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), mother of five and respected baby care author, Pinky McKay shows you how to calm and connect with your baby as you follow her simple step by step instructions to massage your baby.

Boobie Bikkies – Made from all natural and organic super food ingredients, Boobie Bikkies have been created by IBCLC Lactation consultant, Pinky McKay, to boost your energy and support a healthy breast milk supply. (see more at