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Music for Dreaming 2CD Deluxe Pack


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Pinky says,

I cannot recommend this beautiful music highly enough. I have used it with my own youngest child and I have seen its amazing effects on many babies and toddlers – it calms infants and parents alike!

Music for Dreaming is thoroughly researched and proven to be a wonderful calming tool for babies from newborns through to active toddlers who find it difficult to unwind and settle at sleep time. This lovely music can help transition from rocking or nursing babies to sleep; some parents use it on ‘continuous play’ throughout the night so that babies feel secure as they arouse into lighter sleep, thus helping them to move gently into he next sleep cycle, without fully waking.

Pinky’s tip – begin playing ‘Music for Dreaming’ while you are pregnant. Your baby will remember and be soothed easily as it adapts to the sensory changes from womb to room.


Buy the 2CD Deluxe Pack (Music for Dreaming Baby and Music for Dreaming Mother) for the same price as a single CD!

This beautiful series of ‘Music for Dreaming’ CDs has been created to be in harmony with your own and your baby's natural biological rhythm. The 3/4 rhythm used imitates the heartbeat and the tempo is that of the resting human pulse. Major keys are used to release feelings of well-being and pure natural sound is created by traditional instruments. Almost an hour of orchestral, Music for Dreaming has been researched and arranged as one continuous piece to help babies and parents relax and sleep better. Trusted and used by maternity and children's hospitals, nursing mothers and childcare centres world wide.

After years of careful research this continuous music has been created by Cherie Ross to replicate the rhythm of the resting heartbeat and support natural sleep cycles, producing a uniquely calming experience. Using special keys and natural instruments these best-loved lullabies are performed by an ensemble from the internationally acclaimed Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Hearing is our first sense to develop. In the safety of the womb and in our sleep, we are aware of sound. Sshh. Listen … Sweet Dreams.

Music for Dreaming I (Baby) Tracklist:

1. Lullaby
2. Sandman
3. Hush-a-Bye-Baby
4. Shepherd's Lullaby
5. Cradle Song
6. Baby In the Cradle
7. Golden Slumber

Music for Dreaming II (Mother) Tracklist:

1. All Through the Night
2. Irish Lullaby
3. Golden Slumbers
4. Scarborough Fair
5. Amazing Grace
6. Greensleeves
7. Beautiful Dreamer
8. Latvian Melody
7. Brahms Lullaby

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