New Mum Bundle


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Need a gift for a new mum? Why not give her something just for HER?

New mothers get so many cutesy baby clothes (that they may not even use) and that tiny baby gets so much attention that we tend to forget that new mums need nurturing too.


Chocolates can give her baby a bellyache (a crying baby isn’t a nice gift!)but she’s going to be exhausted from giving birth so she needs sleep ( hence a copy of Sleeping Like a Baby), she will be starving hungry and those cold sandwiches from the fridge in the labour ward aren’t very appetising ( but a packet of Pinky’s Boobie Bikkies will taste delicious as they boost her energy and help support a healthy milk supply for her baby). The Baby massage DVD will help her bond with her newborn (it’s a great way for partners to get involved too!), it will relax mum and baby too (helping them get more sleep). Pinky’s DVD also includes specific strokes to help with tummy aches and massage will enhance her baby’s health and development – doesn’t every mum want a smart, healthy baby?

So, by giving the new mum in your world a gentle beginning to motherhood, you will also be giving a gift to her baby - milk, sleep and love! Who could want anything else?

And, if you are a new mum, why not give yourself the gift of milk, sleep and love?

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