Digital Downloads / Recorded Series FAQ

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are immediately available once payment has been made.

Please note: there is no physical product for Digital Downloads, and nothing will be posted to you after purchase.

A link to the download page that contains all the recordings in the series you have purchased will appear in the “New Order” email you’ve received after making your purchase, or alternatively, in your customer account dashboard under “My Downloadable Products”. Once you have made a purchase, click the download link in the “New Order” email or login [link to account login] to your account and click “My Downloadable Products” to find the link. Digital downloads are now available for an unlimited number of downloads.

We have also created alternate Download and Streaming Audio pages for each Recorded Series. Links to these pages will automatically appear in your customer account after a successful purchase. Please click here to log into your Customer Account.

The “New Order” email will appear from ”Pinky McKay Online Shop” with the subject line “Pinky McKay Online Shop: New Order # 1000xxxx” (where xxxx corresponds to your order number).

If you do not receive your “New Order” email, please check the ‘Junk’ folder of your email and then contact us at In some cases, customers have incorrectly entered their email address at the checkout, meaning they do not receive their New Order email, and are also unable to log into their customer account. If you believe this has happened to you, please contact us at

Alternate Download Page / Streaming Audio Player for Digital Downloads:

Due the tight restrictions Apple has placed on the file types that the Mobile Safari browser on these devices can download, it is preferable that you download the audio files for the Recorded Series on a computer, before transferring them to your Apple device. Links to audio files in Safari and Mail will only stream on Apple devices, and cannot be saved to the device without the use of a third party App.

We have created Streaming Audio player pages for each recorded series that will allow you to play the audio files from your ISO device. These audio players are also handy for anyone who wishes to stream the audio files on their computer or device, or anyone who is having difficulty downloading the MP3 audio files

Links to the Streaming Audio Player pages will appear in your customer account within 10 minutes of your purchase. Please click here to log into your Customer Account. Your download links also include a PDF with this link.

Note about Soundcloud Players

We use Soundcloud Players to stream our audio files from our Alternate Download / Streaming Audio pages. Our playlists are private and cannot be added to your own Soundcloud account or the Soundcloud App on your device. Please use the Soundcloud Players directly from the page they are on in a browser window.